Winding Temperature Indicator for Transformer (WTI) with Micro Switches

Winding Temperature Indicator for Transformer (WTI) with Micro Switches Model No - HT 105 - W
Model No - HT 105 - W
  • Thermal imaging for transformer 'Hot Spot' temperature indication
  • No external power supply required for indication or operation
  • Self contained system
  • Fully compensated for ambient temperature
  • High current switching
  • Maximum number of control switches '4'
  • Maximum capillary length '35 metres'
  • Weatherproof case to IP54
  • Maximum Reading Pointer
  • Switch Test Knob

Indicating Scale:


Thermal Imaging

Diameter:- 5.5" Angular Sweep -270°
Range:- 0-100°C, 0-120°C, 0-150°C,
Accuracy of indication:- ±1 % of Full Scale Deflection.


Information required for transformer full load conditions: Temperature rise above top oil.

Transformer (CT) output (Maximum 5 Amps as standard)

Electrical Connections:



Full circuit diagram supplied with each instrument
All circuits insulation tested with 2000 Vac.
Terminal block conductor size: 0.5 - 4.0mm2.


Grey powder coated paint.
Electrical entry points: rear & bottom.
Surface or Panel mounting options.

Switch Configurations:


Capillary System:

Maximum number '4' Factory assembled - Normally/Open or


Material: Capillary protected by flexible stainless
steel sheathing.
Length: 1.5-35 metres.
Case entry points: top, rear, or bottom.
Connector: straight, or angled elbow.
Bulb and Pocket to suit customer requirements.



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